You Have My Blissings

If you are serious about your journey, then you may also need to find things that also bring play into your work. Either way, I bid you Bon Voyage and I give you my Blissings.

Things that Bliss Me On:

Chanting, Revolver Coffee, Avocados, 72% Dark Chocolate, My Pillow, Bina 23, Adho Mukha Vrkasana, 5 year Basic Tees, Hoodies, Garth Stevenson, Stringed Instruments, Vintage Applicances, Beach Yoga, Fresh Bowl, Backbends, Lemon & Lime Water, 1 week old Haircuts, Moderately Romantic/Indie Movies, Coffee Cups, Progressive Trance, Orange Leaves, Midnight Snow, Warm Rain, Harvest Sun, Book Stores, Weird Clouds, Lightning Bolts, Om, Japanese Everything, Julie Delpy, Mountain Peaks, Into The Wild, Tent Rain, Gordon Ramsay, Dumplings, Camera Shuttering, White Plates, Brick Buildings, Alex Grey,

To be continued…


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