How To Become A Transformer

Now, I cannot give you advice as to how you can convert from a car into a robot, but I can give you my secrets as to what I think would make a good blueprint for transforming oneself over a 108 day period.

I have chosen to do yoga and meditation because that is what I want, but the activity you choose is limitless: exercise, morning walks, playing an instrument, learning an art, showering daily (I hope you do this already)…whatever it is that you want to build upon and see change, essentially there’s no top end!

7 Laws for Creating a Successful Transformation:

1) Same place, same time – allows for simplicity and memory of the body and mind to form a positive habit.

2) Document experience on a blog – useful tool for recognizing shifts and changes and keeping the mind on track. Blog allows you to share it with others and also creates accountability for following through. My intention is that it inspires others to do something similar so that there is support and a sharing of our experiences.

3) Start small – consistency is more important than going big. Do less as you start and build duration/intensity as the weeks continue.

4) Create sacredness – depending on what you’re doing, I’ve created a space that allows me to be comfortable and enticed to do it daily: running (buy new shoes with funky laces), playing an instrument (design a music room, light candles), showering daily (make your own scented natural soaps).

5) 108 days – 107 is too short and 109 is too long, 108 is just enough for it to be challenging. The idea is to continue to do it afterwards, if you so choose.

6) Non-negotiable – there’s no vacation, period. Nike, just do it.

7) Ask for help – and not necessarily in the form of another human being


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