About This Blog

About This Blog After

You’ll find here:

1) Blog entries about the life of a modern day yogi

2) DVD Series inspired by my practice and this blog

3) Free tips and online videos to help homemade yogis further their practice

This blog was originally created for the purpose stated below, and it served my purposes well. However, like most things through time and evolution, its morphs into a completely different animal, one that runs wild. This has been a field to gallop my words, rein free, to be fully self expressed about my occurring thoughts and experiences from life, more specifically through teaching and practicing yoga. This is a chance in which I open my door to allow you to view the various rooms of my mind and personality and to sit in conversation if you please. Don’t mind the dirty dishes or the cobwebbed closets,  I’m just here to share with you an authentic truth about myself and that is, I’m not a perfect person, but I seek the light that brightens my house.

About This Blog Before

I’ve created this blog as part of my mentorship with my teacher, but mostly, it’s a personal endeavour that I’ve been wanting to do.
I’ve chosen to write about my experience more so to keep myself on track and accountable, but I also hope to inspire readers to do something similar and/or creative of their own.

Read, follow, and comment as you wish and if I’m lucky, by day 108, I’ll be writing books about levitation…

WHAT:     108 consecative days of yoga and meditation
WHERE:   in my home
WHEN:     everyday – ending Dec 21st, 2012
WHY:        to develop a home practice & achieve the goals below

1) to continually practice everyday
2) to inspire others to create their own 108 days of transformation
3) to document with honesty and to act with integrity
4) to develop a stronger understanding of the body, internal thoughts, and perhaps, the nature of my true being… (woah)

If you want to read more or do something similar:

To Read my blog everyday (yay!), Follow Me. (bottom right corner) —>



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