The Perks and Pains of Frequent Flying

I am sitting in the passenger seat of an aircraft again to attend yet another teacher training that I’ve been patiently long waiting for. There is something therapeutic about looking out the window of a steady moving vehicle, like a solid hand to hip adjustment or a timely counter stretch. Watching clouds or streams of nature pass by calms my manic mind. Perhaps it knows that it has a temporary hour or two to forget the time, to sit and people watch. I delight in that simplicity. Whether the destination is of pleasurable play or practical business, my body and soul enjoys the moving sensations of travel, enclosed in the safety and silence of a metal flying test tube.

Travel has its memories, of vice vacations, transnational adventures and even just the epic nightline crossover of the Cambie street bridge.  The musical soundtrack plays triumphantly in the background and I feel like Oscar on the red carpet podium. The world sings to me and life is the movie mattress in which my dreams sleep upon.


Perhaps the physics of movement and travel simply mimics the excitement of an ever-changing landscape in which life presents itself. Be it an undiscovered or newly recovered relationship, it sparks a fond fantasy of arriving at a stop where endless possibility awaits.

There is a melancholic mood to window watching, rain dripping, grey clouds and coffee sipping that’s reminiscent of past partings at airports. To witness lost love pass through gate 55 or leaving behind a long overdue lifestyle at the baggage carousel, either or, it’s a piece of myself that’s too heavy to carry-on.


The grind that grounds my motivational coffee gets stale and so the refreshing air of the head-out-of-the-window rush sweeps the dust off my daily dashboard. Distant travel windshield wipes the glass that separates me from the outside world so that I may see life in greater clarity. The moments of transportation sitting, is like that of meditation. Trees and clouds which fleet and float on by, are the thoughts of my mind, which have no meaning other than for observation.

I know on return, it will feel like a weeklong inspired breath that requires a few dazed days of sighing exhales. Life has been altered and it just can’t be seen the same no more. A breakthrough backbend or a breakdown broken heart beckons for a breath to break before stretching out beyond what I thought were my boundaries. I am grateful for the opportunity to move, from pose to pose, stage to stage, place to place, & person to person, to see something newly or a recognizable visit.

Blurry Trees 3

Yes, life on the move excites and delights me like dark chocolate after midnight. But its transient nature that melts, wishes that it would settle more permanently in my hand. Could I not stay in this pose just a yin minute longer before I vinyasa through to another. This car seeks to park aside a seaside shore to postpone the setting sun and give to you its glorious glow. I camp to gaze at constellating stars, to see what wonders wash ashore and listen for the murmur of an ocean maid. Life is like a box of sea salt chocolate caramels, its contrasting bittersweet tones of savory flavor keeps me reaching back for another more.



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