When is TMI, Still Not Enough?

I recently purchase a new car and like my old one, I really want to tint my windows. I remember a few years ago, going to the tinting shop, the owner asked me, “so why do you want to tint your windows?”

I wanted to say, “Cause it’s cool.” but he might not get that, so I just said “to prevent theft and block out the sun to make it easier to see.”


He convinced me to pay for the higher grade tint film because it would also reflect 50% more UV light, and protect my body from skin cancer. I don’t know if that’s true, all I know is he’s a good darn salesman. No wonder my skin is so pale. At least my car looked cool though.

So what’s really the purpose of all this tinting business? Perhaps I’m trying to hide something from you , is there something that I don’t want you to see? I’m afraid you’ll break into my car and steal my petty change, worse, you’d take my heart away. Best to cover up so you can’t see whats really going on inside of me.


Is there a part of me that wants to be cool, so I put on a show and act a certain way? Is there an appeal to a mysterious silhouette that keeps you looking but never really seeing through to who I am? Maybe its the comfort of not having to really show my face to the world.

I guess it does make things literally cooler when I tint my windows though, less heat from the sun gets into the car. So maybe the heat of being fully transparent to the world, the responsibility of being authentic makes me feverish. It’s always nicer to see the world through tinted windows or sunglasses for that matter. It calms and tones the brightness of reality to a palatable level.


To experience life through full transparency and wholehearted honesty can rid the vision of cataract delusion or far sighted fallacy. The intensity of a full spectrum reality brings forth a clarity to things I’ve never really seen before. Does a two way window create an opening for light in seeing others more fully?

Where’s the line I need to draw though? How much do I really divulge to you? Are there just some things you don’t need to know? Certain things just aren’t so pretty to talk about. Consider though, there’s no part of the world where life exist where the sun has not shined light upon (I think) and if a situation calls for transparent honesty, then it might be my responsibility to reveal truths that shine light on forbidden territory.


It’s a skill I’d say, that requires tact and responsiveness. I’ve said things that’ve hurt people before. I’ve also hidden things just so I wouldn’t feel left out or embarrassed. I’ve also shared things though that has helped you and I understand each other more deeply that before. There’ll be days you peer into my car and it’ll look like I’m hoarding yoga equipment and food wrappers. There’ll also be other days you’d be able to have a salad on my dashboard. I guess what I want you to see is to see it all and come along for an amazing road trip filled with honest conversation and fuel stops to fill up on authenticity. Tint your windows but don’t be afraid to roll them down to stick your head out to experience the freshness of the naked truth. 


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