Elevator Ride from Mediocrity to Greatness

I’ve been asked to write about “How Do I Elevate the World from Mediocrity to Greatness?” and my first thoughts were, to what standard is great and is what I do, great enough?

There are many things I have left to yet achieve. Many of my personal goals are exactly that, for my own personal interest. I can’t say that I want to save the world or start up a charitable non-profit. I’m just not geniunely there yet, but those ideals I’m in full agreement with. Perhaps my work in greatness shows up in other ways. I’m vertically challenged, but I’d like to say that I don’t fall short of playing big in the small things in life. I honour most greatly my relationships, whether it be friends, family, romantic, community, teacher to student or business to business.

I once heard on an audio CD that the purpose of life was to build meaningful relationships. For me, there is truth. I make the bold assumption that this is what all people want and based on myself, I yearn for the experience of love and being understood, to grow within and with others. If I can create that experience for you, by seeing you as exactly as you are and relate to you at our highest possibility, then I have met you with greatness.


I am committed to friends like conjoined twins. Inseparable like a harness is to a mountain top climber. No fall is too far and no peak is too high. I am that which pulls you up by your hip strap, to never looe sight among a sea of clouds, the vision you have to see the world from a summit’s view.

My existence owes to family and I honour that like a general’s badge on my jacket arm sleeve. I proudly wear bloods stains of hand-me-down habits and heroic happenings as a part of the fabric sewn into my DNA. My greatness is your greatness and I relate to you not as just family, but as my first teachers.

hero-challengeI promise to remain romantically unreasonable, in a way which leaves you touched, moved and inspired. You as a partner, potential or past, are neither first or last, I am unconditionally committed to your happiness for lifetimes after life.

I gather communities of yoga teachers to support the possibility of students standing on their heads and hands. I weave in and out of mats with the intention of weaving your practice with life, to take a stand, on your own two feet, in conscious alignment with your tallest self.


I endeavour to create greatness on the level of self, and from there, inspire a breakthrough in the greatness of you. If I can take my mediocre thoughts and transform them to greater speech, then I have elevated the way in which I see the world. If I have given you a greater sense of self, even through the exchange of my money for your mediocre coffee, I can be at home with that. If we can speak to our hidden hearts, through silent words or the handshake of our eyes, then we have presently played our rightful parts in elevating our world from mediocrity to greatness.


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