Spring into BEEing

I’m sitting to wait, at the YVR to discover where life can be above the clouds. The airport is a flower and I am its pollen, waiting for the flight of a bee to carry me away. What use am I but a pretty pedal if my potential points me to a place filled with milk and honey. For you, your favoured flower may be your neighborhood studio, a chiming church, your green grass garden or a singing shower. What place allows you to simply bee, when your mind is busy buzzing?


The season that springs, literarily springs me in to action. Too long were the periods of hermitting in a hive at home in the wonderful winter.  Wonderful you say? Yes, to wonder fully, what do I want when nature call’s me to action? When not knowing what the forecast of my life will be like,  challenged by wet weeks and cold climate, I find out want I want from discovering what I don’t want. I don’t want my environment to narrate my life, I don’t want my fear of failure form my future, and I don’t want to be stuck at home, I just want to fly! It’s become a budding time for serious seeds to straddle the stalk and blossom brightly. If Mr. Kelly believes that he can fly, I don’t see why I can’t touch the sky?


When I permit to freely fly, above rhyme or reason, there is a chance I’ll end up in sticky situations. But what this risks is beyond what is measured, and I am creating a life made from possibility. Whether you’re a worker bee or the queen of the world, are not our goals the same? Perhaps more money, but better yet, life fulfilled, sweetened by honey? There are bitter times that have been steeped for days too long, but there’s change that’s happening that takes time to get from spoon to tea. A strange sweetness arises when leaving my pod that I call home, to discover the unpredictable ground.


Spring says to me: “get out and get down with your downward dog, go create what your dreams are made of, bloom for the pure sheerness of beauty, and don’t forget, this is just the beginning of your flight over the post meridian sun.


Bee Folkore: scientist have studied the nature of bees and have come to the scientific conclusion, that based on the measurements of the weight of a bee, the size of its wing and laws of physics, bees are aerodynamically incapable of flying. So what has given the bee the power and ability to fly? Who knows, but its a good thing bees didn’t listen to reason. 


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