Time Will Tell

Thank you for taking the time to sit so briefly to read this post. But perhaps you’ve already started to think in your head how long this post might be. Maybe before you’ve even finished reading this sentence, you’ve already scrolled to the bottom to see and evaluate whether you have the time or not to read on about my arrogantly presuming thoughts. I apologize if you’ve come this far to read these words. I truly do appreciate your trouble for time.

To not waste any more, I’ll stop with the fatherly lecture and get to the point of it all. Time just doesn’t matter. You might be thinking, “oh you yoga teachers, who work just 10 hours a week and nap till noon, of course you’ve got time.” I won’t deny that truthful comment as I shift my pillow after hitting the snooze. But I too am conscious of time, as a tardy teacher is a unpaid starving one. I’m thin enough as it is.

restorative yoga 2

A friend so elegantly expressed, that time is like the sand she tries to hold, but slips through the cracks of her grasping hands. And these are the days of our lives. But time in fact so abundantly falls and soothes my feet as I casually walk through life. I used to think it be worth hoarding it in jars because I never thought that there were enough time for me to create all the castles in my life. Whether I build a capitalistic fortune or organically grow towards fame, it all washes away with a sweep of wave that’s indifferent to my superficial success.


Yes, it feels like time is accelerating at a speed that a dashboard can’t read, but that’s only because the rate of change between you and I is something that can’t be measured. I kinda wish that I’d have infinite hours with you to skillfully pick at your brain, but quite honestly, I’d rather just jump straight to the ER and open each others hearts to see what’s really beating. I kinda wish that I could read every book and know every person on the planet, but this lifetime just wouldn’t allow for that to be possible. But quite truthfully, the stare of your beaming eyes, tells me the shortest story about the truth of every person, that at the end of every hour, we’re all humanly the same, in the best of every way. I kinda wish that I’d have the money for a round trip flight across the wonders of the world, but time tells me that I’m far too late.


There’s an urgency that makes me frantic sometimes. Which one to do first, or do em all? I can’t decide, so none is done at all. The life I have, so precious it is, just can’t be wasted. I say to you, Time, I appreciate you so much more I make this commitment to you, to never leave you for any other moment but this very one. I honour you by singing the song like that of my last performance. I bow to you by pouring every drop of my love drunk heart so you may never thirst again. I respect you, Time, because our time spent together is one which is fixed, I dare not limit what I could do, at this very second, every second.



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