Deep-Fried Soul Dip

I’ve most recently connected with new and old friends. New friends that feel like I’ve known for a long time and old friends that I feel like I’m meeting all over again, in a very familiar and relatable way. And very much like fermented cheese or a fine wine, it’s as if we’d let our old friendship age over time, and we’ve just now taken it out of its cellar, experiencing the full flavour and wisdom of our experience.


And I find it fascinating how simple and easy it is to have such instant rapport with someone. “As if it were only yesterday,” or “I feel like I’ve met you before.” True or not, it doesn’t matter, the heart of the matter is the ability to connect so quickly. A friend noted its perhaps our ability to put “our shit” aside and just see each other for who we exactly are. I’m not hiding anything, are you? No? Okay, sweet, let’s chat for real now.

In that exposure of being completely open, there certainly is the sense of vulnerability. Of course, we’d like to sniff a person out or test the waters with our toes first, but the first couple dips already, we realize, “Hey, the water’s actually warm, lets dive in and see how deep we can go!”

I think that when two people are interested in the discovery of one another below the surface, then we have the opportunity to dive deep, together, into the ocean of each other’s heart/soul, and see the many colours, species, formations, hues, shades, shadows, beauty that we experience that would not be possible if we not open to the risk of deep-sea soul diving. But I can openly admit, diving, of any kind can be scary, which why I’ve never done the physical kind, but if it’s just as exhilarating as the emotional kind, I’m all toes in.


But hey, I love also the pleasure and play of skimming the surface and taking deep breathes above water. I won’t refuse a lie on the beach either to hang with my hommies. There’s just a time and place. You can’t really compare it like apples to apples, if you know what I mean.

This same friend also related a connection between two people and the kinds of music they like. Her and her partner and I, and even mutual friends are all quite fond of what I like to call “Emo Epic” music. And this kind of music, for me at least, has this rawness that pulls and plays with my deepest emotions for both things sad, yet blissful. Most often, these kinds of artist will speak of a sadness from which they’ve experience through heart break or loss, and I may not relate exactly to their situation, but their open expression and security in instability is what I relate to and from hearing you, I feel what you feel.

Your song has opened up the door to your figurative heart and I’ve had the chance to walk around in your home, through your shoes to realize, “Okay, you’re a human being and I see you for who you are and I fully understand. Thank you kindly for sharing and inspiring this emotion and aliveness in me…” Who would have thought such a song of epic emotion could profoundly change my relationship and connection with a person I may not ever meet, but then to inspire me to be really and fully human with others.

What is it that brings people together through music? Why is there this connection through similar tastes of sound? Perhaps, who this same friend so elegantly expressed, the frequency of the style of music that we share is really just the same frequency in our state of being we relate upon. We both crave the same feelings we get from hearing the same kinds of music. Would it be possible that if in the same room, listening to a song in which we both enjoy that it be enough for us to understand and be more compassionate towards one another? Will it have felt like we had hours of conversations without saying a word? Or have read each others heart history books?

I don’t really know, and so I can’t fully explain to you what it may be, but I am amazed by and grateful for the opportunity to connect. To really hear and get what you may have said to me, even if I’ve never experienced it, or even agree with you, I still understand and relate. I don’t just see one side of your face, I also see what its like when alone. We’ve so generously ripped open our hearts like a bag of chips and shared it around the table for everyone to get a taste of the unique flavours in which we have designed. The sweet, salty, sour and spice of what life has to offer.

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