Rose Water Soda Pop

Sometimes the transformational things in life, Landmark, your yoga practice, teacher trainings, etc. can be like a can of pop. *Psst, *glug glug glug,* *ahhhh (sigh)*. That first gulp of soda is the most refreshing and at its fizziest. But with time, it gets stale and flat, much like the rest of things that lose its novelty.


So its important to shake up, not only our diet coke, but also areas in our life to revive that bubbly feeling we get inside. Shaking things up might just mean asking more questions, enquiring about why it is that I do what I do? Why am I teaching yoga? Why do I like this person? What motivates me to continue doing this, or that or not that?


And when I do that, I kind of feel like Jim Carrey wearing a suit of question marks. I get this sugary high feeling of knowing why, and placing meaning to something, that might not even have meaning. And sometimes I feel like I’m getting to the bottom of things and diving deeper but only to realize that the sweet tasting beverage is really just water, carbon dioxide, high fructose corn syrup and colouring. (sorry to pop your bubble if you didn’t already know)

I’ll look at relationships and wonder what drives me to have one? The caring side of me is the greenhouse gardener that tends to the flower, that everything she is and does, blossoms beautifully. The riddling side of me whats to know is that motivation a selfish desire, to have this flower for myself to look at? Maybe like Christmas treats, one can indulge in too many questions and forget what it is we’re actually celebrating.


Well, look at the story of the Flower Sermon. A Zen Buddhist teacher is giving a lecture to his disciples. He lifts up a white flower, says nothing, and that is his teaching. Only one student smiles, as he “gets it”. The rest are all left questioning. Maybe its both, its caring for that flower and very simply, revelling in its natural beauty. That’s it. I think I…. “get it?”

Perhaps relationships are meant to be little bit shaky. Bartenders and bubble tea baristas know what I’m talking about. Its an alchemy of two potential flavours that might not have previously been combined before. But when done right, it lends for a cool smooth drink.


But if you’re not like James Bond where you like your life shaken, not stirred, then you can mix your carbonated beverage with other things. Stale pop + ice cream = classic root beer float. Flat 7up + non alcoholic vodka = Flat 7up + non alcoholic vodka.



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