Mad Dash to Infinity

Counting down 19 days. After thoughts of integrity to my commitment, it not much sense to “give up” now. The weekend resignation gave me juice for that one final stretch to the finish, but its not really a line I’m crossing for the win, its a circular track that never really had a start or end to begin with.

And so its not about the quick sprint to liberation, but the enduring marathon that lasts a lifetime. There’s going to be times where were going to mad dash instead of run, speed walk instead of jog, long stride instead of stroll, and walk backwards instead of stand still. Either way, we’re on the track for the long haul, for our own reasons and there’s no one else competing with you beside yourself. There’s seats in the stands and watching is great, but the only observation that’s worthwhile is of my self.


Engaging muscular energy in plank, no problem. Staying true to my word, 100% of the time, needs practice. I want to say I’m better when its for another person, but I’m a person too, so who am I lying to anyways?

I want to also say “so what?”  if I didn’t practice for a day, or two, maybe three, cause its easy to beat myself down and harder to be self-accepting. I want to say “so what?” if I did practice, cause its easy to be conceited and proud and harder to be humble.

Anyways “sigh”, I’m not perfect (have I mentioned that before), but I do love myself (smiley face). See you along the way towards the infinite end.

Action/inaction for the final sprint forward:

conscious moments of stillness
seeing people
asana when desired


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