O’ and Sometimes Kay

Am I complete with the idea of being alone?
Whether I’m with or not around other people, I am at ease with being by myself

Am I okay with the idea of sitting at a hypothetical table with two chairs,
And I silently await for another to potentially sit, watch without expectation the possibility of this seat becoming warm.

Perhaps this alternate chair was just imagined
And I look down to see a true pair of eyes beneath this table

To honestly see, what am I really capable of giving in a relationship as opposed to what I can get,
Because what I can get wouldn’t really relate to who I am with.

How long am I capable and willing to stand with arms wide, but sometimes crossed
Reaching or pulling at the arms of passer-byers, but letting freely go

But truthfully anyways, its not even a game of woefully wishing
There’s just no rigid rules that predominately play

I don’t mean to be truly madly & deeply waiting in a romantic stance for chance
Because why does it even matter if a heart gives solely to one or soulfully to many.

If I can really sit for a while and understand the value of being alone
I can maybe realize that I’ll always be alone, in some way
And that everyone has to be that way, and that’s the way
And being that way lets me see that I’m not that distant from you, actually.

When I’m away, I’m away
And when I’m with you, I’m with you.
And both play the part in relating.
Am I okay with just that?


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