Products of Power

I had a conversation with a friend today who mention the idea of Places of Power. He read about it in a book by Carlos Castaneda. I told him that there were certain places in the city or home that I go to be inspired and replenished. Whether this is the context in which Carlos uses the term I’m not entirely sure, but here are a few of my havens, which are continually changing and seasonal.

1) My bedroom – who knew changing the direction of my bed and rearranging simple furniture could change the entire feng shui to a place of refuge for many of my personal endeavours.

2) Revolver Cafe read this entry, self explanatory

3) Driver seat of my VW – solo driving, drives to the city, singing my neigh, no, nõh scales in a bratty voice, tea and breakfast, bite-size dark chocolate, early morning/weekend open roads, opposing traffic, heavy rain on windshield, contemplation – all of these make up the pleasant experiences with the sentimental relationship I have with my car.

4) Yyoga Yaletown – I can’t decide if its the low lying loft ceiling, circular couch, peppermint body wash, sweaty practices with BP & ST or the combination of all the above that makes this corporate chain-specific studio to be my favourite and most dear to heart.

When going to these places, it feels like a car going to a gas station to fill up. However, it can’t be compared to a battery recharging its physical power, its more like the spirit fuelling on empowerment. For me, its like taking shots of juiced creativity or injecting 200cc of concentrated forms of inspiration, tranquility and emotional comfort. They are places which gives me a chance to stop and check the roadmap to ensure I’m traveling in the right direction. What adds to these places is that they are often experienced for the majority of the time, alone, which I think is important because so much of our time is spent interacting with others or alone but not for our own personal growth.

To add to this, are Moments of Powerwhich are intangible, involuntary and intrinsic.

1) The seat of a teacher and the mutual relationship of giving and receiving from students

2) The chanting of the perfect pitch and vowel on my harmonium

3) The realization of a synchronistic or auspicious occurrence

4) The touch of hand from a compassionate eye and a sincere smile

Whether its a place or moment, internal or external, the common denominator is not so much that the end result is the sense of empowerment, but rather the opportunity to experience a connection to an essence / inner being / higher self / [fill in the blank] to varying degrees. The empowerment is simply the product of tapping into the bottomless well sourced from a generous Provider of infinitely abundant power.  


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