Fast Track to Truth

As I have mentioned before, I have changed my home practice of asana to meditation. 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins at night. Its a good start. Consistency is really what I’m looking for.

With the improved flexibility and strength from regular asana practice, I can comfortably sit for 15-30mins with minimal physical discomfort. I figure, what use is the asana practice if I’m not using it towards contemplation or mental distillation.

If my logic stands correct, perhaps this is where a regular yoga practice may lead me:

→ Asana gives me the physical and mental capability and stamina to sit for long durations of meditation

→ Prolonged meditations stills the fluctuations of the mind

→ A calmer mind is greater clarity of one’s self

→ An understanding of self is understanding of God/Universe/Truth (as below, so above) 

→ An understanding of God is understanding of His/our own greater purpose (as above, so below)

→ An understanding of own’s purpose is the catalyst in acting/living it here in this life

→ To live fully in this world, expanding oneself through the instrument of the body, is burning Karma

→ Burning Karma is one step closer to stepping off the wheel of rebirth

→ Stepping off the wheel of rebirth is union with God/Universe/Truth

→ Union with God/Universe/Truth is Yoga

Any sources, testimonials or evidence of any of this was not well researched or at best, construed to fit my simple formula for enlightenment. Its nice to think though that puffing your lower back might lead to union with God.

Kids, do yoga at your own risk. 



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