I recognize that I’m rarely writing about my actual experience with practicing at home. For the tiny handful of readers that frequent my blog, I don’t want to yawn you to death with how many times I’ve done Janu Sirsasana with my covers over my head because its too cold to leave my bed. If you’re dying to know, my practice has definitely gotten deeper and stronger over the past month and I honestly don’t think I’ve done that much more differently.

Aside from my muscles getting more flexible and strong, I’m also noticing a drastic shift in the sensitivity of my body. My friend and I decided to go out for dinner at a Italian restaurant, Roma CampagnoloIn celebration of “life”, we felt we deserved some wine, so we ordered 1/2 litre to share. Just half a glass into it, I felt like a teenager who just went into his parents liquor cabinet and drank Gin for the first time.

I bamboozled, humbugged, even hoodwinked my body and it wasn’t happy with me. I felt physically uncomfortable and slightly confused. Does alcohol generally do that?

Don’t get me wrong though, I was able to hold my own back in the day. You know Tupac right, well they used to call me 3pac because I used to drink half a 6 pac and save the other half in my fridge for another day. Pretty good eh?

What confirmed I probably can’t drink anymore in the future unless I want to feel like I’ve just been poison with paint thinner is the fact that just 3 hours after, (on the same night!) I was already getting a hangover – headache, nausea and fatigue. Allow me to remind you, I had 250ml of wine, the amount you would get in a children’s juice box.

Conclusion: Wine isn’t bad, its full of antioxidants. As the philosophers in the past have stated – everything in moderation. However, my own reasonable limit of intake of the following types of substances now have been narrowed down:

Alcoholic Beverages: Non or Growers 0.5% Coolers
Coffee: Small size (never on empty stomachs)
Fizzy drinks: None – too bloated and gassy
Milk: Small quantities mixed in other beverages

The price a yogi has to pay unfortunately, or perhaps my own personal pricetag. But its a discount I’m willing to take because its a sign of positive transformation in the body. Its out of my hands, its made its decision and I need to follow suit. Just like I have placed my fate (if you believe in such a thing) at the hands of the Divine, I’m just here as an actor playing my roll in the director’s movie. My body slaps me around, with tough love, and I’m learning to listen obediently. Without discipline, the consequence are that much greater if I do choose to indulge and its like playing Russian roulette every time I do. Unfortunately, in this game, the odds are against me and I’d much rather keep my hands in my own pocket.


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