Ode to Krishna

Oh Krishna, the Attractive Onewhy is that I am drawn to both, the things that draw me toward and  also away from you? You are the Supreme Being, Hero, Lover and Child, how can I remain steadfastly devoted to you without waver or uncertainty.

Oh Krishna, How can I continue tasting the sweetness of life, without the indulgence of the pumpkin pie and brownies of my culinary desires.

Oh Krishna, How can I transmute the focus from the core of my Apple Mac to the meditation of the heart of my true essence?

Oh Krishna, How can I develop a Sadhana body, built on strength and integrity, without vanity and obsessive behaviour?

Oh Krishna, I am drawn to you for both the right and wrong reasons, I live my life for both the joy and suffering, is this true to reality, or am I asleep to that which is real?

Oh Krishna, How is that one can be attracted to even the smallest of things, like the extended curl of an eyelash, but provoke such persuasive power of passion and lust.

Yet this same attractive force towards a being can transform the heart of a human, to love, allow to be loved and also to love the Beloved. How can I skillfully distinguish from the two so that I may experience Oneness?

Oh Krishna, Perhaps I am foolish. In fact, I know to be. Krishna, you are the All Attractive, bringer of all that is true. You are darkness and light, the Absolute. You are all the colours and shades of the full spectrum. You are the green, red, orange, yellow and non-existent leaf.

Oh Krishna, May I be attracted to the fullness, the wholeness, the completeness of life and all of your embodiments. Hare Krishna, Hare Rama!


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