May the Force Deny You

I’ve been told about the denying force.

The force the denies you, from allowing you to reach your goal. If you are on a path of transformation or change, its the obstacles along the way that distract, detour, ask you to U-turn the other way.

Some of us can read a situation where something bad happens or the “stars at not aligned” that it is not meant to be and that we should maybe try another time or completely give up on that endeavour. A simple example perhaps is going to a yoga class of a teacher that rarely teaches in your city, that you been waiting to go for a long time, but you find a flat tire on your car when you’re about to leave.

Some of us can read the same situation and see that omen as an even stronger sign that we must persevere and reach our aim at whichever cost. The obstacle, placed by this denying force is perhaps there to see how fiercely we want to change and transform. Be it that we spend money on a taxi, call a friend for a ride, take your kids tricycle or run like Forrest, we need to be there!

Regardless of how we decide to read the situation, the same force will always be there, it is just a matter of how we choose to interact with it.

With any force, there is a contrary force, I believe. The undeniable force, where it feels like there is a steamroller ahead of you, paving smooth tarmac roads for you to walk on. A cloud maker, puffing out cushions for you to prance on as you dance above the Earth in your sky-walker pursuits. The force is with you! How this force is with you, I’m not entirely sure, but if you ask Grace from upstairs, She might have a Divine answer for you.

The hurdler hops the hurdle, either falling or rising above. Regardless of the result, the finish line never moves. Moving forward is simply enough.  


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