Canoe Cadaver

I’m sitting at Revolvor Cafe, headphones on, starring out the window, casually witnessing in depth.

I’ve just stepped out of a conversation I had regarding the direction and “meaning” that I bring to my work and everyday life. And the answer is never really clear.

Its like paddling in a canoe, and the harder you paddle, the more ripples and disturbance you create in the water that prevents one from seeing clearly into the deep end. I may be in such a hurry to “go somewhere” that I can’t allow the water to just be still and see from natural observance what is actually going on beneath. Because most of the action is below the surface, it’s just a matter now if I want to be patient and wait for it to clear.

When I’m paddling around, sometimes in circles, bumping into rocks, and having a good time doing it too, I’m sometimes left just sitting there and thinking, whats the goddamn point? Answer: there isn’t one. Am I willing to accept that response?

I’m in the canoe now and I realize there is maybe no point to all this paddling, fishing, seeking, searching, why don’t I just crack open a beer and enjoy the friggin weather? What’s the problem with delighting in the ordinary life? Why I gotta be so flippin’ complicated sometimes?

But maybe there’s also a hidden cove or a treasure island that I can get to, but I don’t have the road map or the know-how of getting there, so I’m just stuck paddling in circles on one side alone. Unless you’ve been paddling you’re whole life time, its good to have some one to steer the rear and call out the directions so I can maybe get closer to that mystery place. I’m still doing all the muscle work in the front, but it’s always nice to have someone who’s been there and done it before.

However (warning: condition), this X on the map, the unknown place that everyone talks about and says they have the lonely planet guide to, does it even exist? Am I being led, not for the final destination, but rather led along for the journey instead? Is the cliche finally right for once? Is life just a journey? That’s a new thought now eh? Who’s heard of that one…?

Bon Voyage (again) and look out for icebergs and alligators



One response to “Canoe Cadaver

  1. Sometimes it helps when others give us a clear answer on our own questions. Leo, I would say that one of the directions and meanings you bring to your work and therefore our daily lives is fresh clarity. You guide us to think deeper in a lighter way thereby changing the thought from work to play. The question “Why not?” comes to my mind alot since I’ve met you. Namaste my friend 🙂

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