Baby Chaturanga

I haven’t done my morning practice today.

I don’t feel guilty about it or deferring my morning routine. I knew I needed to sleep in because I had a late night (and no, its not what you’re thinking… or perhaps it is, I don’t know what you’re thinking so I can’t make any assumptions.)

But I had a conversation with my friend today and it sparked a thought in my head, that everything we do is yoga. And that its not excluded to just asana or even sitting meditation, but it can be apart of everything I do. And its been evident to me now more recently during this time of “transformation” period, even though I’m still only in the initial stages, which makes it that much more fascinating.

The idea, yes is quite elementary, but its making sense to me! I mean literally. I feel it in my senses and how much more perceptive I also am, to sights and sounds, taste and touch. And I swear I haven’t smoked a joint just before writing this. This is how I really feel!

Don’t get me wrong either, I say yoga is everything and its all around and affecting me in new but recognizable ways, but still do your downdogs and satsung daily.

Yoga –  (and I’m throwing this word around quite loosely, so be flexible, I’m just trying to read to you my thoughts), as it becomes more and more engrained in my everyday living, that when life becomes busier and active, it also seems that it is that much more enjoyable and exciting. Yoga and its application is like a generator, where the more energy you put in, more of it is generated back out. As if the more planks and chaturangas I do, the stronger, more effortless and delightful they become. (well duh!)

Anyways.. {catching breath}, I might change to a evening practice for a bit, going along with the weather and exposure of sun.

Good night.

Needs more tucking of the tailbone, to be fair though, he’s a beginner


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