Movie Matters

Friday nights is my chance to get intimate with my laptop and we watch movies together. Its our special night, and it usually lets me choose the movie because I have good taste.

Here are some influential movies that I’ve watched over the years, that I recommend, but its not a guaranteed crowd pleaser. For me, they spoke to me during those times of my life, My preference of movies are usually less mainstream and sometimes a bit dry and obscure:

The “lust for Japan and discovery of personal identity” years

The “escape society and seek meaning in life” years

The “scrambling search for spirituality and higher self” years

I think movies are great. Its an opportunity to dive into a character that portrays the probable life of a human being (if you trust the writers) and watch his/her wonders and wounds that you may not get a chance to see unless you spend much time, closely with another person. There is the unique view of a character when they are alone, which is impossible to observe because the only time you will ever be alone is with yourself, and often when by oneself, that is when the true nature of humans either shine or crumble. Either way, there is an understanding and empathy that I connect deeply with when shown genuinely in movies. I appreciate the inside up close and “uncomfortably personal” persepctive of a person’s raw emotion and state of being.

Movies are captivating to me because it shows sides of humans that are hidden in everyday life, and things that happen in movies perhaps happen in everyday life, but are either missed or unexpressed in public. And perhaps then, this is also why relationships with a significant other are so moving (movie-like) and life changing because there is this intimacy, raw emotion, I-live-in-your-head & you-live-in-mine experience that cuts through all the bullshit and reveals to me a real human being inside of me and also in her.

And ya, characters are mythologized and stereotyped and idealized. But its a benchmark for greatness that stretches our constricted lives to higher imagination. It taps into our right side brain and inspires a possibility that can be real (if you are a believer in anything is possible.) And it gets my heart racing and my juices flowing, and even if I’m escaping, at least I’m going to a fantastical world that lets me dream and feel, which isn’t always encouraged unfortunately.

So here I am watching my movie. Friday night. I prefer to be alone with my dear Macbook, it get’s jealous if there’s another person, but when it hibernates, I don’t mind the occasional company. Turn off your cellphones, the movies about to start.

P.S. the morning home practices are great. Day 17


2 responses to “Movie Matters

  1. I’ve been getting alot of inspiration from Eddie’s songs from this movie lately. “Guaranteed” is one of my fave’s.

  2. His whole soundtrack is amazing!

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