Brainy Brunch

Are there any requests for today?
Is there any part of your mind that you would like to stretch?

The expanding consciousness series?
Ok, we can do a few of those. Any others?

Some core work in the brain? Perhaps the Frontal and Occipital Lobes?
Sure, we’ll also open up the Pineal Gland a bit if we have time too.

Food for thought

Help me to stretch beyond my limiting thoughts
Remove the knots thats hooked on should and nots
Strengthen each muscle of courage and can
Tone my patient arms and discerning legs
Take your hands and adjust my meandering mind
To align it humbly with my heroic handy heart

 15min: Asana (Twists and Quads)
10min: Meditation through chanting (Hey Ma Durga)



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