Beginner’s Luck at Life

is the movie I saw tonight. 4.5 upward facing dogs out of 5.

We’re all Beginners aren’t we?
At least I am, I’m just starting to live.

I’m on the first chapter of love, the first clip of sadness, the first bite of loss, the first song of joy. It feels to me that every moment is a “new beginning,” as normalized as it sounds. I abhor the old and boring and seek only that which is fresh, be it sour or sweet.

I am beginning to know myself. What it means to be human, the possibility of both sadness and joy (I call it soy).  What it means to be connected & alone. I am beginning to understand the responsibility I have to myself, to do what is rightfully asked of me. I am on the beginnings of  an untrodden path and I seek only that which has never been seen before, be it held hands or broken apart.

“I” think it is time you have a talk with “Me”

I says:You’re worried you can’t trust me because you don’t know who I am. I get it; that makes sense to me. You can ask me anything” 

Me says: “How do you know people so well?”

I says:  “I read their faces, but people don’t always show on their face, how they actually feel.”

Me says: “How do you know me? you can’t see my face?”

I says: “Dare to look at yourself and I shall see.”

I don’t know what you’re saying, but you speak to my feelings.


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