UGG – The Sound You Make After Yoga

Featuring: The UGG’s Hannen Boot

As a gift to my myself for my one year anniversary of teaching yoga – I’ve bought myself this very much desired, indulgent leather boot.

It’s a shoe (type) that every yogi needs/should want (in a non attaching way).

1) Its lined with sheepskin: keeps feet at body temperature, whether its hot OR cold outside
2) Is worn barefoot: saves you 30 seconds when putting on your socks before/after a yoga class and its like savasana on your feet all day long
3) Sheepskin is: dirt and bacteria resistant and absorbs sweat off our dirty feet!

Have I sold you yet?
Give yourself a gift after you’ve finished your 108 days of …

Back to yoga:

– Extending practice to 20 min (15 min asana / 5 min meditation)
– First week of mentorship
– Just finished hands-on adjustment intensive with Eoin Finn
– Latest obsession – Sun Salutation C (Sea)


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