Tower of Tarot

The Tower in Tarot is a symbol of man’s (& woman’s) ability to achieve  greatness and rise above their own expectations. Their drive compels them to reach higher and to do more. The higher he goes, the further from the ground he becomes. The greater is the seperation from Earth and where he has come from. The stairs which go up do not come down, and the only way back, is jumping out. This death is the death of aspects in myself that creates room for the birth of new things.

When something is constructed (especially in the mind) and it is no longer of greater service, the only possible solution to creating something new is deconstructing the old. There is no space for both. This tower is my ego, and it is self serving – for both good and bad reasons. My fascination, my passion, my ambition, my desire, my drive to construct, to create, to develop, to advance, to improve is the same force that fuels my arrogance, my insecurity, my pride, my fear, my greed. A tower which only holds myself is wasted potential and so for any other future building contracts with ego incorporated, may the blueprints be designed by a Divine Master so an empire may be built that serves non-profit purposes that inhabit everyone and their deepest needs.

May the building of my tower be for the purpose of becoming superior to my own flaws, rather than that of others

May the constructions of another floor be for the purpose of lifting me higher towards the divine, rather than to take me further away from others

May the crowning of the penthouse suite be occupied by the masses, in celebration of all of our innate power and greatness

May the demolition of an outdated bird’s eye view be replaced with a balcony that offers a perspective that allows myself to see an horizon that holds the greater picture.

May the jewels and gems that come with updated decor, not blind me from the true treasures that lay just slightly left of the physical chest.

Tower of Babel


9/11  – in remembrance.


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