The Road Less Stylized

A comment from a reader has suggested that I speak about how I “do hair”, as I previously stated in my first entry “Day One Sir”

Here are a few easy peasy steps to follow to create you’re perfect hair-do (if you have short thick asian hair)

– Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner (applies to all) or simply dampen

– Dry off with towel, if hair is thick, use blow dryer, but not for long

– Squeeze / finger a limabean size amount of gel/clay/wax into hand and rub vigorously in circles

– Spread the mixture over the hair in all directions creating the “I just got out of bed look that was cool 10 years ago”

– Then, bring sophistication into your look by parting the hair onto one side, sporting the hipster or Justin Beiber look, whoever it is you idolize.

– Look in the mirror, turn your head left, then right, smile three times. Done.

When on a journey that feels like I’m perhaps walking in circles or seeing the same scenery over and over again on a single path, I find it helpful that I slip into the rabbit hole from time to time, or eat a poison berry. Perhaps make up names for plants that I have no clue about. The metaphorical outbursts of laughter and insanity, often keeps me feeling alive and in check with the reality of life.

Bon voyage.


One response to “The Road Less Stylized

  1. Shelley

    Beautiful photo at the end. Looking forward to more!

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