Sarcastically second

Second day folks…

I’m suppose to be less enthused about this challenge by day four, but its only day two and I have barely anything to comment on.

My theme this week that I’ve been bringing to class is that yoga can be laborious (say it out loud [with the “i”]: makes you sound scholarly), meaning requiring considerable effort and time. Its not requiring that much of my time, (yet) at least the home practice part, I’m only doing 15 mins remember! Its not requiring that much of my effort, because I’m doing poses I like (hey, its the ones next on the syllabus list)

Straight leg lunge
Revolved lunge
Vashistasana – (loves this transition)

But quite honestly, because honesty is 3rd on my list of goals, sometimes yoga is kinda boring too. I’m breathing, I’m stretching muscles that don’t stretch in the morning, I haven’t had my coffee so my mind is still quiet, and when I meditate, there aren’t any thoughts, so my internal television is on mute, and there’s really nothing to see except for the occasional indian deity or rainbow coloured circles and squares. Does this mean I’m good to go and I can just jump straight to lotus?

Side note: 5th goal on the list – nick the sarcasm… (but its funny…ego says, after eight chocolate covered espresso beans from trader joes)

Bid you good day.

Thats not me. However, I may have had an expression like that sometime this morning.


One response to “Sarcastically second

  1. Your honesty is refreshing. And more espresso beans, too. Tips on how to “do hair” pre-yoga would be greatly appreciated.

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