Homemade Yoga Recipe

This recipe for a yoga practice has been passed down from generation to generation, finally landing in my hands for me to share with you. It comes from a long lineage of teachers in India, so the recipe is guaranteed to be traditional and authentic. Most importantly, its HOMEMADE! Follow instructions carefully for best results.


1 Large Yoga Mat
1 Block
2 Cups of forward bends
3 Tbsp of twists
1 1/4 Cup of finely chopped backbends
2 Handfuls of inversions (optional)
& Small pinch of breath

Preheat room to 425 degrees. On a large yoga mat, begin to mix together the forward bends and twists with your block in circular directions until the body softens into a dough like mixture.

Take the body and add in the finely chopped backbends and begin to work in until its mixed thoroughly through. If the body begins to harden, sprinkle some breath to keep it moist and fluffy.

At the end, add your choices of inversions or leave them out completely and allow the body to bake for roughly 30 mins until the skin is crispy.

Pull it out of the room and lay out on the grass to cool, either lying on your back or meditating in lotus for 10 mins before serving. Enjoy!


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