The Homemade Yoga Practice DVD

Photo CoverLast year, I endeavoured to start a home practice by doing
yoga for 108 days in a row.

1I will confess that I failed to do that many number of days consecutively,

3but what I did discover for myself was the joy, self-love and peace 
in practicing alone at home.

2Out of that journey, of self-made challenges, praise and doubt that arisen in the
came the greater understanding of what makes me tick and tock.

4The inspiration from blogging about my experiences daily has inspired me to
create the opportunity for YOU to also do the same, 

5to enjoy the comfort and delight in practicing in your own home.

6Thus, after many months of yoga sweat, comes the release of this completely homemade, individually hand-crafted DVD:


Three series of yoga classes:
– Simply stretching (warm up poses) – 25 min
– Wall yoga (poses against the wall for stability and strength) – 30 min
– Hatha flow style class (for movement and expansion in your practice) – 60 min

Provided with:
Pose names
Alignment cues
Stages for different levels
Visual and verbal instruction


Why practice at home?: Perhaps you’re unsettled with where you are, in your physical home or with where life is taking you. The yearning for something more and the time you don’t have keeps you busy and never feeling rested.

You just want to be at home, with time for yourself, to take a deep breathe and enjoy what’s presently in front of you. I’m no doctor, but may I recommend to you this homemade remedy that we call yoga, passed over the years by wise people with nothing better to do but sit and stretch.


This DVD is homemade with the intention of offering you a feeling of being at home within your home. When stuck in one place, the opportunity for flexibility in the body. When work becomes work, an experience of a calmly collected mind. And when seeking courage to live life with possibility, the heart to be heroic.

Where can I purchase a DVD for $20?:
Contact me –    OR      go to these retail locations

Kushala Yoga – Port Moody / Pitt Meadows
Port Moody:    #303 – 130 Brew Street,
Pitt Meadows:   #303 – 12099 Harris Rd

Lululemon Coquitlam
2929 Barnet Hwy – Coquitlam Centre Mall

Epic Yoga – Maple Ridge
#301 22838 Lougheed Hwy

Kali Yoga – Pitt Meadows
201- 10958 Barnston View Road



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2 responses to “The Homemade Yoga Practice DVD

  1. Susan St.Cyr

    I look forward to the release of your DVD and will be interested in having a copy.

  2. Congratulations Leo! Man, I miss your energy mr! I can’t wait to get my hands on your DVD!


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